Contmarine Global Forwarding

We left behind our 15th year in the logistics sector, where we started our activities in the field of "Air Cargo and Courier Transportation" in 2007. Today, we add value to our valued customers and the economy of our country in the logistics sector, as a young, dynamic and solution-oriented organization that manages shipping operations in all transportation models and provides integrated logistics services.

We as, Contmarine Global Forwarding Inc., invest in technology and people in order to increase our service quality without deviating from the principle of reliability; we always offer logistics solutions with dynamic performance by providing a high standard workflow. Thanks to our strong agency network and international sectoral connections, we render services to many points in the country and abroad.

Our mission is to render the best service to our customers by gaining the trust of all stakeholders operating in our sector and adhering to the law, economic and moral principles. We contribute to our country's economy with our logistics solutions with dynamic performance. With our solution-oriented approach, we serve many ports of the world as the solution partner of both national and international companies.

Our vision is to carry on our journey with the aim of becoming an internationally leading company in maritime transport by adopting a technological, rational, principled and responsible approach that constantly increases the service quality in the logistics sector.