International Air Transportation

As Contmarine Global Forwarding A.Ş, we are taking our “Air Cargo and Courier Transportation” activities, which we started in 2007, one step further. In addition to the knowledge and power brought by our sectoral experience, our team focused specifically on the demands of our valued customers and our executive staff structure with experience in international companies we submit alternative delivery options.

With our express air courier service, while we deliver your export-import documents and samples from duty-free door to door to more than 200 countries in the world, with our Air Cargo service, we meet your "Perishable Food" shipments (Vegetables - Fruits), your drug shipments with limited or objectionable dangerous goods and all kinds of charter flight requests. With our refrigerated minivan vehicles, we safely transport your perishable cargo within a certain temperature range.

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Within the scope of Air Freight, we offer the following services to our valued customers:

  • Express Courier Transportation (Door to door)
  • Air Cargo Transportation (Port to port)
  • Perishable Cargo Transportation (Door to port / Door to door)
  • Charter Aircraft Rental